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New Challenge-Thai yoga massage-

Yey! I passed exams of JTTMA -Japan Thai Traditional Massage Association- which I’ve been studying recently in Tokyo. Thai traditional massage class specialized for anatomy and detailed muscles ✨✨💪✨✨

So much appreciation from my heart to our teacher Mr.Kiuch and respect to our teacher for such deep knowledge and passion of anatomy and muscles!!

My journey as a Thai yoga therapist has just started and I’ll keep going my path with joy & fun🙌✨✨

タイで教わってきたマッサージをさらに深めたいと思い、先月は都内の日本タイ古式マッサージ協会JTTMAにて木内 周史先生の解剖学に特化したタイ古式マッサージ講座を受けていた家主です( ´ ▽ ` )



Deep gratitude and love♥️


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